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Introduction of Academy of Circular Economy

The Academy of Circular Economy facilitates collaboration between educational institutions and industries by leveraging its rich pool of talented individuals. It partners with companies such as CH Biotech, TSMC, CSC, ACBT, CLC, YFY, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Diamond Nano-Biochem, SPIL, ISCOM, IV Technologies, and AIDC, combining their expertise and resources. With a focus on industry perspectives, the academy's team conducts problem-based research, nurturing professionals who can meet the requirements of these collaborating companies. This approach aims to address industrial challenges in key fields and enhance the university's research capabilities. Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to apply for positions at these companies, enabling them to apply their knowledge in practical settings and drive industry-academia innovation.

National Chung Hsing University - Academy of Circular Economy

The academy offers 6 degree programs